Jamie's Concert
Jamie Cameron
- born 6th May 1992

Held in Japan and the UK, Jamie's Concerts were conceived by Japanese pianist Noriko Ogawa, through her own experience of living with the family of a child with severe autism, Jamie, when she first moved to the UK.

The concerts are designed for those who are not able to normally go to concerts, such as parents of children with autism or some disability.

After the concert Noriko serves tea and biscuits, and the audience has a chance to chat in a relaxed atmosphere. The setting provides a rare opportunity for families to get together in a non-institutionalised setting and can be a welcome respite from the demanding lives.

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Latest news

9 November, 2017
Results of ‘Jamie’s Concerts’ revealed!

5 April, 2017
Results of 'Jamie's Concerts' research to be revealed at Guildhall School of Music and Drama on June 12

10 June, 2016
The 14th Concert Jamie’s Concert featuring Japanese Contemporary Piano Music

25 April, 2016
Jamie's Concert as part of World Autism Awareness Day
First Jamie's Concert outside the Tokyo area in Japan
Noriko’s interview available on the website of Rhinegold Publishing

3 November, 2015
The 13th Jamie’s Concert in Japan a success

20 May, 2015

30 April, 2015
Jamie's Concerts FB page opened
Jamie’s Concerts video appeared on National Autistic Society, UK’s FB

14 April, 2015
The Launch of Noriko’s Cultural Ambassadorship to the National Autistic Society
Jamie’s Concerts introduced at the Embassy of Japan in the UK’s official HP

6 April, 2015
On demand now on BBC Radio 3 website: Noriko and Janice appear as guest speakers
Jamie’s Concerts featured on National Autistic Society newsletter
Guildhall School funds research project on Jamie’s Concerts
Noriko’s interview on the official website of BBC Music Magazine
International Piano interviewed Noriko about her Jamie’s Concerts
Jamies Concerts are written about in Your Autism Magazine
International Arts Manager Magazine featured a report on Jamie’s Concerts
Jamie’s Concerts news mentioned on the Planet Hugill website
Jamie’s Concerts introduced by Melanie Spanswick in her blog

2 April, 2015
Article about the Jamie’s Concerts on Sinfini Music & Autism Daily Newscast
Noriko and Janice will be on BBC Radio 3 on 2 April – National Autism Awareness Day

30 September, 2014
Jamie’s Concert press conference held in Kawasaki, Japan
Noriko appointed as Cultural Ambassador of National Autistic Society, UK


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