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Genesis of Jamie's Concerts

When Japanese Pianist Noriko first moved to the UK she lodged with the family of a child with severe autism, Jamie. Jamie is a lively and handsome boy who due to his autism has never spoken.

Over time Noriko became acutely aware of the demanding lives of those who care for children like Jamie. Noriko and Jamie's mother Janice spent many long nights together chatting and drinking tea waiting for a wakeful and distressed Jamie to calm down and rest. Noriko desperately wanted to help but Jamie always demanded his mother's attention and it became clear to Noriko that when Janice was calm Jamie was calmer too. Noriko saw her role would be to help ‘behind the scenes’ and the seeds of the Jamie's Concerts idea were planted.

What are Jamie's Concerts?

Noriko serves tea and biscuits after the performance

Jamie’s Concerts are designed to fit perfectly into the demanding lives of parents and carers like Janice and so they start at 11am and end before the school day is over.

After the concerts Noriko serves tea and biscuits and the audience have a chance to chat in a relaxed atmosphere. The setting provides a rare opportunity for families and carers to get together in a non-institutionalised setting and can be a welcome respite from the demands of caring for a child with autism.

Children with autism are very welcome at the concerts but Noriko understands that not all are happy in such an environment and so leaves that decision to the discretion of parents and carers.

Jamie’s Concerts in Japan

The first Jamie's Concert was held on 18th November 2004 in the Small Hall at Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall. It was an instant success with every subsequent concert quickly sold out. (See History). The 12th Jamie's Concert will be held at the same venue on 7th October 2014 (See Upcoming events): Before Noriko’s recital, the audience will enjoy a lecture by Yoko Akashi, President of the Autistic Society of Kawasaki City. The hall will also host an exhibition entitled "SHINGA" by Tsutsuhiko Sezaki, an autistic calligrapher.

Jamie’s Concerts in the UK

Jane Asher, the president of National Autistic Society
Jamie's Concert UK © Yamaha/Chappells

The first Jamie's Concert in the UK was held on 27th May 2010 and was a resounding success. The most recent Jamie’s Concert in the UK was held at Barnstondale Centre in Feb 2012.







Jamie's Concerts wristbands

Noriko has loyal Jamie's Concerts Committee Members in Japan and hopes to find similarly motivated and capable members in the UK. Much wonderful work is done on behalf of those who have autism by committed and caring individuals and organisations, but the unique feature of this charity is that it specifically aims to raise awareness of the plight of families and carers and to support them by saying ‘we understand’. With this in mind, Noriko has created Jamie's Concerts wristbands and hopes that they will help to get this important message across to as wide an audience as possible. These fashionable wristbands, designed by Irene Ramejkis, are available for purchase at Noriko's concerts.



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